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We Can...

  • Diane is a Doll Doctor that can restore that childhood doll to new condition.
  • Increase the value of a collectable or antique dolls or a vintage doll.
  • Repair doll that is broken or damaged by time, play, smoke or improper storage.

Doll Repair Capabilities

        Repair or replace missing or broken parts.  Some doll materials such as composition can have defects such as hole or cracks filled or repaired.  Professional Doll repair determines what materials to use.  Broken porcelain parts must be replaced.  If the doll repair is for a doll that has a missing arm or both arms or leg or both legs, we can fix it. Often restoration requires replacement of eyes or their criers or voice box.  In all cases, if the parts are available, we can fix the doll.   Our professional doll restoration will quickly perform  the doll restoration, fix and return your doll!

        Clean and/or repair doll body surfaces.  Using the latest in safe and effective solvents and cleaners made specifically to repair of antique dolls or doll parts including the wig or hair, we can safely remove the dirt, grime, and smudges of all those years of love and play.  If paint is required after the cleaning is complete or even fill of certain defects, we will do that doll repair  and then paint.  Smoke damage can be hard to clean.  We can make your antique dolls look like new.

        Replacement clothing and accessories.  A complete doll repair or restoration may include clothing.  If required we can replace clothing.  We can get commercially manufactured clothes or we can custom make clothing to match that shown in a reference snapshot or photo.  This is often the final doll or antique doll restoration item that will repair doll to the  best of childhood memories.


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