To ship Your doll to us for repair requires proper packaging. If the doll is fragile, (porcelain or delicate) you may want to take the doll to a Pack & Ship company to have it professionally packaged. You can package it yourself if you do so carefully and keep in mind how thee package will be handled on it's way to us.

doll hospital doll repair and restoration

Let us care for your loved dolls with our 30 plus years of experience in Doll Restoration and Doll Repairs. We will be happy to talk to you about your repairs. Call us at 352-382-3655 or 1-800-813-3052. Free estimates on all repairs and restorations. We gladly accept mold, mildew, fire and flood damaged dolls. General turn around time is 2-3 weeks. We will return your doll if for any reason you decide not to repair your doll. Hours of operation in the Doll Hospital are 7am to 7pm EST.

Dolls by Diane, 182 Pine St. Homosassa, FL 34446, Phone: 352-382-3655 or 800-813-3052.

You MUST include a sheet inside your shipping box with your complete name, address, and (most importantly) a good working contact phone number. We very often receive boxes with no identifying details or contact information. Thank you!

SHIPPING AND PAYMENT - When sending your doll to the doll hospital, DO NOT use the original box or a box that you must have returned. We cannot make sure that your box will be used to return your doll. Use a good sturdy cardboard box or take your doll to a UPS store or to a Pack & Ship to pack your doll. Ship your doll with the Post Office, United Parcel Service or FED-EX. Always request tracking for your box. Fees for repairs and restorations are due at the time order is placed. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Personal Check. We also take any debit cards that display one of the credit card trademarks.

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doll hospital doll repair and restoration

How can we talk to Doll Doctor? E-mail us and we will respond with details.

Can you tell me what the repair will cost and how long it takes? Not until we see the doll. When we see it, we will call you immediately and provide a firm price.

What is the best way to get the doll to you? View our SHIPPING info above, which provides details and a downloadable shipping label.

What is my doll worth? Is it worth repairing? We can appraise your doll, but it is costly and time-consuming. It is better to consider sentimental value when determining if worth repairing.

My doll was damaged by a fire, can you make insurance quote? Yes, if you plan on repairing the doll, we can work with your insurance company to provide all of the information they need.

My porcelain doll is broken. Can you fix? Yes, the method of repair depends on the area. Highly visible repairs (such as on the face) require replacement parts. Hidden repairs (under clothing) can typically be repaired. Each job is different and requires a custom quote.

My doll is missing an arm. Can you fix? Yes, but sometimes it is difficult to find replacement parts. This can add time to the project.

My doll has open/close eyes. Can you fix these? Yes this is almost a lost art and takes a bit of extra time depending on the doll and what is required.

My doll needs new clothing. What will new clothes cost? We can make just about anything you dream up. We can also recreate your original clothing from an image, if provided. We will quote these on a per case basis.

My vinyl doll has a ballpoint ink mark on her. Can you remove? Ballpoint ink cannot be removed. We may be able to replace the part, however. Contact us for more details.

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